Equipments we use Al Masfoufa Engineering Laboratory is fully equipped for any physical, mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal testing of soils, concrete, aggregate, bitumen, cement, water, steel and all kind of materials used for construction.


      1. Mobile Drill Rig B53/1 - Mounted 4 wheels truck


      2. Mobile Drill Rig B53/2 - Mounted 4 wheels truck


      3. Mobile Rig 40/1 - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      4. Mobile Rig 40/2 - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      5. Mobile Rig 40/3 - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      6. Mobile Rig 30 - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      7. Wirth I - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      8. Wirth II - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      9. CME I - Mounted on 4 wheels truck


      10. CME II - Mounted on 4 wheels truck




      1.   Field Vane Shear Test Apparatus - various dimensions.


      2.   Manual Dynamic Penetrometer (Mackintosh Probe) and (TRLL Probe).


      3.   Pneumatic Borehole Packer for permeability (Luegon) Testing in Boreholes.


      4.   Electrical Earth Resistivity Meter.


      5.   20 Tons, Self-Anchoring, Self Propelled Static (Dutch) Electrical Cone Penetrometer CPT(U).


      6.   20 Tons, Self-Anchoring, Self Propelled Static (Dutch) Cone Penetrometer CPT.


      7.   Soil Thermal Resistivity Meter.


      8.   Plate Bearing Testing Apparatus.


      9.   Field CBR Testing Apparatus.


      10. Split Tube Triple Tube Core Barrels.


      11. Double Tube Core Barrels for Hard Soil and Rock Coring (Different sizes: SWF, HWF, 412, TNW, NWF).


      12. Wireline Core Barrels (HQ3 Triple Tube Core Barrels, 89mm outside and 61mm inside diameter;

            and HQ Double Tube Core Barrel, 89mm OD and 66mm ID).


      13. Pneumatic Down Hole Hammers with various diameters.


      14. Split Barrel Tubes with Core accessory for Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Open & Solid Cones.


      15. Thin Wall Tubes for Soil Sampling (shelby tubes) 3 inches diameter.


      16. U 100 Sampling system with Heavy Duty Siding Hammer for obtaining 4 inches soil samples.


      17. Piston samplers 3 inches diameter.


      18. Drilling Rods with various diameters and lengths.


      19. Auger Rods with various diameters and lengths.


      20. Hollow Stem-Augers.


      21. Pressure Meter (APAGEO)


      22. Extensometer (DELATO METER)


      23. Hand Augers.


      24. Pressure Meter


      25. Packer.


      24. Casing with various outside diameters and lengths.


      25. Air Compressors with various capacities.


      26. Water and Mud Pumps with various capacities.


      27. Grouting Machine Type Putzmeister; Piston Pumping; Flow Rate 200 I/min. (for water);

            maximum pressure 1000 kpa; Electrical Power (3 phase).


      28. Grouting Machine Type Putzmeister; Screw Pumping; Flow Rate 300 I/min. (for water);

            maximum pressure 200 kpa, Diesel Power.




      1. Full Wave Sonic Tool


      2. Caliper Logging




    1.   Direct Shear Test


    2.   Point Load Test


    3.   CBR Test


    4.   Unconfined Compression Test


    5.   Odometer/Consolidation Test


    6.   Triaxial Compression Test


    7.   Permeability Test (Constant & Falling Head)


    8.   Los Angeles Abrasion Test


    9.   Aggregate Impact Value


    10. Aggregate Crushing Value


    11. 10% Fines


    12. Flakiness & Elongation


    13. Specific Gravity, Atterberg Limits (Casagrande & Cone Penetration App.)

          Grain Size Analysis, Speedy Moisture Content, etc.




      1. Concrete Compression Testing Machines.


      2. Compression frames for manholes cover, pipes and flexural testing.


      3. Pull-off Tester.


      4. Water Permeability testing apparatus, according to DIN 1048.


      5. Equipments to measure concrete's ability to resist Chloride Ion Penetration, AASHTO T-227 (ASTM C 1202).


      6. Various testing equipments mixers, moulds and tools for sampling and testing of concrete.


      7. Universal Testing Machine for Steel.




      1.   Electromagnetic Cover Meters.


      2.   Half Cell Potential Devices.


      3.   Ultrasonic Instrument for non-destructive testing of concrete.


      4.   A unique patented field system for measuring the rate of corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete and measuring of concrete resistivity ambient temperature and relative humidity.


      5.   Rebound Hammers.


      6.   Coating Thickness Gauges.


      7.   Pinhole Detector (Coating Holidays Detectors)


      8.   Concrete Moisture Encounter.


      9.   Density Meter for soils & Asphalt testing.


      10. Initial Surface Absorption test apparatus.


      11. Crack Detection Microscope.


      12. Biaxial Inclinometer System for Measurement Lateral Displacement.


      13. Strain Gauge Sensors & Data Logger for Monitoring Strain in Concrete & Rock.




    1. Sonic Pile Integrety Testing Devices.


    2. Pile Dynamic Load Testing.


    3. Pile Instrumentation.


    4. Cross Hole Sonic Testing.


    5. Caliper Logging.


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